Undergraduate Research Externship: Latino Obesity and Cancer Health Equity Scholar

We are seeking an undergraduate or post-bachelors-level trainee (from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Northeastern Illinois University, or Northwestern University) with an interest in obesity and cancer health equity to
serve as a “Latino Obesity and Cancer Health Equity Scholar”.

This person will work on projects related to obesity and related health issues in Puerto Ricans and Mexicans as part of a grant funded by the Chicago Cancer Health Equity Collaborative (Chicago CHEC, U54CA202995, U54CA202997, and U54CA203000). This non-paid training externship may be of interest to those wishing to pursue the fields of psychology, community health, public health and/or medicine, and are interested in pursuing a graduate degree.

Research and Training Opportunities:

  • Provide research support for Latino health studies focusing on obesity, diet, physical activity, body image, the role of culture and acculturation and cancer prevention.
  • Conduct literature searches and retrieve articles and other project-related tasks.
  • Receive training in the use of software for references such as endnote.
  • Assist in preparing for community and project team meetings.
  • Attend community meetings to learn about the process of community engagement in obesity and cancer health equity research.
  • Attend relevant cancer health equity seminars and/or training.
  • Opportunities to assist in conference presentations and writing papers may be possible.
  • Opportunities to participate in IRB submissions and grant preparation.
  • Opportunities to learn about cancer health equity and obesity, diet, and physical activity. Opportunities may be available to assist with conducting culturally competent translations.
  • Opportunity to work with people from several different disciplines such as clinical psychology, preventive medicine, and medicine.
  • Opportunity to attend events that promote cultural competency in working with Latinos.


The trainee will receive training and mentorship by Dr. Lisa Sanchez-Johnsen at UIC and Dr. Amanda Dykema-Engblade at NEIU.


High school education required; coursework in the social sciences, psychology, health or related field required; excellent computer knowledge; above average organizational skills, ability to conduct detailed work with great attention to detail; some experience in the field of study relevant to the research being conducted is preferred; Spanish-speaking desirable, but not required. Ability to make a 1 year commitment. Minimum commitment of 8-15 hours per week.

Hours per Week, Start Date, Location:

Hours per week are negotiable, but prefer a minimum commitment of 8-15 hours per week. Full-time training experiences/ externships are also available. Flexible start date, but prefer as soon as possible. Location: University of Illinois at Chicago.

How to Apply:

Application deadline is 12/14/17. Include cover letter, resume, and names/phone numbers of 2 references in one email to: Dr. Lisa Sanchez-Johnsen. Subject to include “Latino Obesity and Cancer Health Equity Scholar.”