2024 Impact Award: Congratulations to CSC Member Araceli Lucio!

Congratulations to CSC member Araceli Lucio for recieving the Chicago Foundation for Women’s 2024 Access to Health Impact Award!

As mentioned on Chicago Foundation for Women’s webpage:

“Araceli Lucio, has been a health organizer for the Resurrection Project since 2006.

Since becoming a community organizer, she has been a fierce advocate for health services for the uninsured. Under her leadership she has educated thousands of women about breast cancer prevention, referring them for annual check-ups, and promoting the need for health information and more resources for undocumented and uninsured women. Araceli began ELLAS in 2012 as support group for breast cancer survivors. Araceli created the group of Promotoras de Salud of ELLAS (Health

Care Provider) to give information and resources in Spanish, as well as training of leaders that would continue advocating for programs to help the community with health disparities. Araceli Lucio has a strong passion for health advocacy and helping women who do not have the resources to take care of their health needs. She enjoys learning and making connections with those in the health field to bring more resources to those who need it most. Araceli Participated in AARC as an advocate in the Scientist Survivor Program. In the American Association of Cancer

Research’s, presented a poster titled “Community Initiatives for All Women’s health” she was also part of the Planning Committee of the West Side Total Health Collaborative To represent my community. In combination with the other Committee members, to defining the scope, goals, and structure of the West Side

Total Health Collaborative. Now call “West Side United” she was also a Board member of the Devices 4 the Disabled. Devices 4 the Disabled (D4D) collects and redistributes used Durable Medical Equipment to those in need in the Chicago area.

And now she is Present Community Member of Chicago CHEC since 2019, Community advisory council of the Health First Collaborative with SUHI, And Recipient of Robert Wood Johnson foundation. When Araceli is not working, she enjoys running and cycling in front of the lake in the company of her daughters.”

To learn more about the 2024 Impact Awards and the honorees, click HERE.

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