Planning and Evaluation Core

We initiate new projects and continuously evaluate ChicagoCHEC’s impact and progress toward its mission to advance cancer health equity via scientific discovery, education, training, and community engagement.

How does ChicagoCHEC assess large scale impact, maximize resources, and embark in new directions? The Planning and Evaluation Core is at the helm for initiating new projects and continuously evaluating ChicagoCHEC’s impact and progress. The Planning and Evaluation Core includes the Internal Advisory Committee (IAC) and the Program Steering Committee (PSC). The IAC leads internal planning, evaluation, and new project selection under the Incubator and Catalyst Funding program. The PSC provides external review and evaluation. We strive to guide ChicagoCHEC toward data-driven continuous improvement.

Planning and Evaluation Core Leadership

  • Joseph Hibdon (NEIU)
  • Beverly Gonzalez (NEIU)
  • Tim Johnson (UIC)
  • Brian Hitsman (NU)
  • Kristi Holmes (NU)
  • Yamile Molina (UIC)
  • Adam Murphy (NU)
  • Michael Stern (NEIU)

Planning and Evaluation Program Management

  • Rabih Dahdouh (NU)
  • Beverly Chukwudozie (UIC)
  • Joeli Brinkman (NEIU)

Biostatistics and Methodology Support

  • Elizabeth Hahn (NU)

Planning and Evaluation Internal Advisory Committee

  • Rick McGee (NU)
  • David Cella (NU)
  • Moira Stuart (NEIU)
  • Michael Stern (NEIU)
  • Richard Warnecke (UIC)
  • Jabbar Bennett (NU)
  • Elizabeth Hahn (NU)
  • Andrea Evans (NEIU)
  • Susan Hong (UIC)
  • Phoenix Matthews (UIC)
  • Dennis Rome (NEIU)
  • Henry Taylor (UIC)

Planning and Evaluation Program Steering Committee

  • Isabel Scarinci (University of Alabama)
  • Ray Bergan (OHSU Knight Cancer Institute)
  • Ruth Carlos (University of Michigan)
  • Karen Hubbard (The City College of New York)
  • Elizabeth Marcus (Stroger Hospital of Cook County)
  • Kenneth Wright (Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute)
  • Kathryn Cardarelli (University of Kentucky)
  • Carla Williams (Howard University Medical Center)

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