Chicago Community-Driven Conversations: Partnership Building through CHEC-Ins

Congratulations to our ChicagoCHEC Outreach Core for their recent publication “Chicago Community-Driven Conversations: Partnership Building through CHEC-Ins” in Project MUSE – Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action-Volume 17, Number 1, Spring 2023 (

ChicagoCHEC Early Career Faculty Member Accepted into the SBM Diversity Institute for Emerging Leaders

Jennifer Sanchez-Flack, PhD, MPH, and Natalicio Serrano, PhD, were accepted into the Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) 2022 Diversity Institute for Emerging Leaders. The SBM Diversity Institute for Emerging Leaders helps early‐career members from diverse backgrounds or those working with those from underrepresented populations develop into equitable and thoughtful leaders by fostering a deep understanding of the principles of diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Sanchez-Flack is a former postdoctoral fellow of the UIC Cancer Education and Career Development Program (CECDP) and a University of Illinois Cancer Center member. “The SBM Diversity Institute for Emerging Leaders will support me in providing my research team with training and tools to understand how to incorporate principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion into their own research careers and goals, and how to utilize equitable intervention approaches to improve Latinx and African American families health behaviors in multiple contexts to inform clinical and policy cancer inequities research,” said Dr. Sanchez-Flack on the institute’s impact on her research.

Dr. Serrano is a current UIC CECDP postdoctoral fellow. According to Dr. Serrano: “This opportunity will help me foster inclusion of diverse perspectives in my work by providing guidance in navigating conversations and engagement with the communities I will be working with and for in my research.” The UIC CECDP is a National Cancer Institute (NCI) funded T32 program that has prepared predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows to be successful independent investigators and professionals in cancer disparities research for more than two decades.

Younger Latinos Fear For Their Parents At Meat Packing Plants during COVID-19 Outbreak

Young Latinos
Posted April 29th, 2020 at 10:02am by Claudia Thrane on the Iowa Starting Line webpage

Click here to read the full article regarding the COVID-19 outbreak featuring Edgardo Ramirez, Community Engagement Core Manager for ChicagoCHEC. ChicagoCHEC would like to thank Claudia Thrane for serving as a vehicle to amplify the voices of our families and communities that feel they have to hide behind the shadows during this difficult and dark time.