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The mission of AllianceChicago is to improve personal, community and public health through innovative collaboration. A major focus of AllianceChicago is the use of technology to improve quality of care and improved outcomes through technology tools, practice coaching, clinical collaboration, and data analytics. Among the health centers that Alliance supports are 8 Chicago area health centers listed online.

• Electronic Health Services and support for the user community • Research
• Technical assistance
• Education and consultation
• Health information technology innovation

SERVED Serves Chicago: Yes Serves Suburbs: No
Serves Specific ZIP Codes: N/A Serves Specific Area: N/A.
Additional Chicagoland Locations: Alliance maintains and coordinates the patient records for 25 community health centers in Chicago. They are on the back-end of patient care.
LANGUAGES Programming in Spanish: Yes Programming in English: Yes
Programming in Chinese: No Programming in Polish: No
Services in Other Languages: N/A

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Resource Types: Federally Qualified Health Center
Participating Institutions:
Career Levels:
Subject Area:

Languages: English, Spanish