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INSTITUTO provides comprehensive education programs and services to Chicago families including adult education, financial literacy and planning, youth development and education, workforce development, citizenship services, and more. We work with people at all education levels, starting with learning how to read and write in their native language, and provide a pathway to higher-level skills, new careers, and greater stability. We look to the potential in those who are often underserved by traditional education systems and develop innovative programs to meet their needs.

 Career Pathways

 Citizenship

 Economic & Workforce Development

 Employment Services

 Youth Development Adult Education
• Adult Basic Education
• English as a Second Language
• CYBER-ESL Program
• (online & in-person instruction)
• Spanish Literacy & Elementary education
• Nursing Career Pathways
• Pre-Certified Nursing Assistant Program
• Basic Nursing Assistant Program
• Manufacturing Works Program
• Retail Training Program
• Sexual Assault Response Program
• Sexual health walk-in clinic services
• Smoking cessation High School Education
• Instituto Justice & Leadership Academy (IJLA)
(alternative charter h.s.)

• Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy (IHSCA)

o Escalera College Bridge program (middle school – early HS support & college program)

o Elementary student after- school program
SERVED Serves Chicago: Yes Serves Suburbs: Yes (CBO)
Serves Specific ZIP Codes: N/A Serves Specific Area: N/A

Additional Chicagoland Locations:

Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy
2570 S Blue Island Ave
Chicago, IL 60608

Instituto Justice and Leadership Academy
2555 S Blue Island Ave
Chicago, IL 60608

LANGUAGES Programming in Spanish: Yes Programming in English: Yes
Programming in Chinese: No Programming in Polish: No
Services in Other Languages: N/A

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Resource Types: Community-Based Organization, Research, Education and Advocacy
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Languages: English, Spanish