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The Mission of Near North Health Service Corporation (NNHSC) is to provide access to high quality health care to improve the health, well-being, and safety of the diverse populations and communities we serve. We are a culturally sensitive and culturally competent, patient centered community health center that empowers individuals through education, disease prevention, and promoting healthy behaviors, regardless of one’s inability to pay.

• Primary care
• Dental services
• HIV early intervention
• Women’s health
• Internal medicine (Adult health)
• Pediatrics
• Podiatry
(Foot care)
• Ophthalmology (Eye care)
• Maternal and child health
• Nutrition • Patient transportation assitance (elderly and disabled)
• WIC assistance
• Health insurance counselors
• Domestic violence counseling
• Healthcare for the homeless
• Substance abuse treatment
• Mental health services
• HIV testing and counseling • Breastfeeding peer counseling program
• Health education
o Diabetes
o Blood pressure
o Overweight/obesity
o Stress management
o Exercise
o Meditations
o Healthy eating
• HIV community outreach and education
• Patient-centered pharmacy

Near North Health Service Corporation (cont’d)

SERVED Serves Chicago: Yes Serves Suburbs: Yes
Serves Specific ZIP Codes: N/A Serves Specific Area: N/A
Additional Chicagoland Locations:
10 Health Center locations throughout Chicago

LANGUAGES Programming in Spanish: Yes Programming in English: Yes

Programming in Chinese: No

Programming in Polish: No
Services in Other Languages: N/A

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Resource Types: Federally Qualified Health Center
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Languages: English, Spanish