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Our Cancer Center philosophy and execution functions under five cores: Education, Community, Clinical Science and Services, Basic Sciences and Shared Resources. These cores underlie our priorities. Our clinicians and researchers, of whom make up our highly distinguished faculty, not only train our future healthcare providers, but are breaking new ground in the process with continual research on cancer. The Office of Community Engaged Research and Implementation Science (OCERIS) of the UI Health Cancer Center also facilitates this value of education through community screenings and prevention opportunities, by embedding themselves within the groups of people who most need our care. Our labs and hospital facilities are stocked with state-of-the-art technology, allowing our clinicians to treat their patients and our researchers to seek out cancer’s demons, using the basics of science and modern medicine. Finally, our Shared Resources are plentiful, providing our Cancer Center with the many tools needed to conduct innovative clinical trials that are in their earliest stages, and develop novel pharmaceuticals that are changing the way cancer is treated. Mile Square offers our patients an opportunity for primary health care and cancer screening as needed, under the umbrella of the Federally Qualified Health Care Systems. Our mission of serving the underserved is carried throughout, with our partnership to the UI Health Mile Square Health Centers as a way to maintain that connection. Within this context, we are building a model to provide our constituents with access to the best healthcare possible. Ultimately, our goal is to develop a bench to community model of care that translates the science of cancer into the welcoming arms of a community that cares. The combination of our laboratory research, clinical trials and patient care enables our Cancer Center teams to actively translate knowledge gained, into an improved quality of life for persons and families impacted by cancer.

• Clinical trials
• Cancer treatment
• Survivor empowerment nework support group
• Cancer patient support group
• Pain management
• Palliative care
• Pastoral services • Cancer genetics
• Childhood cancer survivorship clinic
• Fertility preservation
• Radiation oncology
• Surgical oncology
• Clinical research
• Population health research • Therapeutics research
• Chemoprevention research
• Cancer biology research
• Community-engaged research
• Implementation science
• Medical school education

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