Hardik Marfatia

ChicagoCHEC Role: Core Co-Leader, Research Education Core
Organization: Northeastern Illinois University
Title: Associate Professor

Dr. Hardik Marfatia, an Associate Professor at Northeastern Illinois University’s Economics Department, possesses extensive experience and knowledge in applied macroeconomics and beyond. His interdisciplinary focus encompasses pivotal areas such as international asset market dynamics, monetary policy modeling, risk spillover, housing economics, forecasting, and geospatial modeling. Dedicated to conducting impactful research that transcends traditional boundaries, Dr. Marfatia actively collaborates with medical experts across institutions and community partners. Leveraging his expertise as a domain expert and data scientist, he makes significant contributions to projects aimed at advancing health equity. With over a decade of teaching and research experience, Dr. Marfatia has a remarkable portfolio comprising more than 50 peer-reviewed publications, extensive conference engagements, and editorial positions.

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