Jing Su

ChicagoCHEC Role: Core Co-Leader, Research Education Core
Organization: Northeastern Illinois University
Title: Associate Professor

Dr. Jing Su is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at NEIU.  She has a multidisciplinary background in chemistry, pharmaceutical science and materials engineering with specific training and expertise in spectrometric analysis of biomolecular interactions and engineering of polymers for cell and drug delivery. At Northeastern Illinois University, she laid the groundwork of medicinal chemistry research training for undergraduate and graduate students through several projects, which include design and synthesis of peptide drugs for treatment of diabetes, study of protease and phosphatase activities as biomarkers in cancer, and development of new chemical tools for drug metabolism study. She is passionate about building interdisciplinary collaborations that benefit students’ academic and career development in biomedical science and STEM in general. Her contribution to the Chicago Cancer Health Equity Collaborative is to serve as co-lead in the Research Education Core.  In this role, she will have the opportunity to participate as a guest lecturer in the summer fellows program wherein undergraduates, from UIC, NU, NEIU, and CCC, will focus on the development of academic, technical, and professional skills in preparation for careers in social, behavioral, and biomedical research and in healthcare.

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