The LUNG FORCE “State of Lung Cancer”

The American Lung Association has launched a new report, LUNG FORCE “State of Lung Cancer.”  The LUNG FORCE “State of Lung Cancer” uses state-specific data and compares lung cancer incidence, survival, stage at diagnosis, surgical treatment and American College of Radiology accredited screening centers among states across the country. Through this report we will be able to identify trends and areas where states have the greatest need for added awareness and resources.

The report identifies potential interventions and provides a state-specific understanding of the burden of and opportunities to address lung cancer. The report includes state-specific measures of lung cancer incidence, five-year survival, stage at diagnosis, five-year survival by stage at diagnosis, surgery as part of the first course of treatment, and accredited lung cancer screening centers.  States were ranked for each measure. Information is also shown for state-specific radon zones, smoking prevalence and particle pollution.

Attached is a one-page infographic on Illinois and additional details for our state can be found here.